1. The sender must submit a valid document (i.e. passport, identity card, work permit, etc).
  2. The sender will be liable to the relevant authorities for any funds deposited into Incentive Remit’s Bank accounts by him or other 3rd parties with or without his knowledge.
  3. The sender must disclose the source of funds to remit and it is advised that this terms and conditions is also read in conjunction to Incentive Remit’s Money Laundering statement.
  4. The funds remitted will be strictly paid to the specified beneficiary as per the instruction of the sender.
  5. The sender is responsible for all online information provided via the Mobile Apps and Web Portal.
  6. The sender must provide true accurate and precise information as requested for the remittance to take place and all information kept is strictly private & confidential. It is advised that this terms and conditions is also read in conjunction to Incentive Remit’s Privacy Statement.
  7. The sender must provide approval via the Mobile Apps or the web portal which acts as the remittance application form.
  8. Upon completion of the remittance transaction the sender must inform the beneficiary about the RIN (Remittance Identification Number) provided to him/her.
  9. The beneficiary is required to provide the RIN (Remittance Identification Number and valid Identification document to collect the funds in the respective source country.
  10. The beneficiary will receive the net remittance amount (without any back-end charges) other than local tax if any.
  11. The transaction daily remittance limit for the migrant worker is RM3,000, expatriate and professional category is RM30,000 and the corporate and business SME sector is RM200,000.
  12. All transfers will be subjected to local rules and regulation
  13. Incentive Remit shall not have any liability to a customer or beneficiary for any late or non-delivery to a beneficiary due to errors or delays occurring in the wire electronic transmissions, equipment failure, strikes that are beyond the control of Incentive Remit or its remittance pay out partners or any incorrect or unclear information given by the customer, on-availability of the beneficiary or any other event beyond the control of Incentive Remit.
  14. Incentive Remit shall have no liability to a customer or beneficiary except due to wilful misconduct or gross negligence and this liability shall not exceed the remitted amount including service charge and in no circumstances shall be liable for any incidental indirect or consequential losses arising.
  15. Applicable exchange rate is updated in the mobile apps and the web portal on the same day of remittance request during normal business hours.
  16. Fund will be available for collection no later than 48 hours from the date the transaction has been affected by the sender.
  17. In the event of any disputes, Incentive Remit’s Dispute Resolution mechanism will be relied to resolve the dispute. Please refer to Incentive Remit’s Dispute Resolution Mechanism Policy for further guidance.

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Email: [email protected]

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