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About Incentive Remit

Incentive Remit (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 2007 as a private limited company registered with the Corporate Commission of Malaysia. The company is licensed by the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) under the Money Service Business (MSB) Act to officially carry out digitalised technology based remittance services.

To form an efficient business model, Incentive Remit have over the years worked out strategic partnerships with reliable licensed corresponding partners located in almost more than 120 countries ranging from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe continents. This has enabled it to become a global player in the money services business industry and gradually expanding its market reach over time. Incentive Remit is focussed to meet its business operations in line with combating money laundering activities and to prevent the use of funds for illegal means. As such, staff are continuously trained ensuring such activities are hindered and it overrides any profit motive. Everyone in the company is guided by the unchanging ‘Customer First’ philosophy and implementing the “Know Your Client” rule.

Incentive Remit have always invested significantly in its financial infrastructure platform ensuring adoption of the latest Financial Technology (Fintech) applications and tools. This ensures the company is poised to using the latest remittance and money exchange systems that are robust to handle and manage customer and regulatory expectations at the highest standards.

The company is passionate in learning from its customer experiences and feedback to further improve its service offerings. This translates into user experiences which is friendly, unique and yet managed professionally.

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IMPORTANT: This information has been prepared for distribution over the internet and without taking into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person. Incentive Remit (M) SDN BHD and its subsidiaries make no recommendations as to the merits of any financial product referred to in the website, email or its related websites.

DISCLAIMER: Incentive Remit makes no warranty, express or implied, concerning the suitability, completeness, quality or exactness of the information and models provided in this website. Read full disclaimer. Incentive Remit provides international money transfer services to private clients and business customers.

Incentive Remit Sdn Bhd is a company that only provides remittance/cross border payment solutions.We do not provide any other financial related services, such as investment/savings etc. Please be aware that Incentive Remit Sdn Bhd does not assume any responsibility if you use such third-party products and services for losses. If you find any suspicious activity, please report it to our customer contact support team immediately via the following email and contact information.

Customer Service Contact Number: +60 10-257 3947
Email: [email protected]

Incentive Remit SDN BHD is regulated in Malaysia by Central Bank of Malaysia (766276-M). Read our Money Laundering Statement and Privacy Policy.